Monday, April 7, 2008

Netbeans – Two real advantages

Well after having complained a little on my previous post let me now throw light into the major forte of netbeans enlisted below.

1.GUI: The major requirement of today’s developers is to have a good User Interface for their users. They can provide whatever functionality they need but it’s the GUI that lets the user better know the existence of that particular functionality and its easier for them to click and select than type something on a black boring screen. Thus, today’s developers need IDE’s such as netbeans that develop ready made windows forms with all the required buttons, labels, text boxes and like that can be tailor made for the program in question.

2.Database Integration: Database based program developers know how hard it is to interface your back-end database to your front-end program. This is where netbeans packs the punch by providing you a CRUD(create, Read, Update, Delete) application shell. Life’s easy, isn’t it ;)?


Nadia Lawrence & Jake Lawrence said...

i like netbeans too. follow me at brilliantfoto.


annaharris said...

NetBeans is more beneficial for use of Java 6's text rendering improvements.