Monday, April 7, 2008

Netbeans the best of JAVA IDE’S - what’s missing?

We'll now slightly shift from the tutorial mode to discussion of this IDE for a while. Its true that, by far of all the java IDE’s I’ve tried out netbeans has come out in the top. But with every netbeans release I’ve looked for one major part of the functionality that has been missing. Users might have checked out the options in the editor for case sensitive code completion. The big question is why it doesn’t work? When we type a part of the code say ‘system.out.println’ it just puts a red squiggly line underneath regardless of the code completion option, where it should be capitalizing the s in the system. If you start with a capital S, the IDE still requires you to completely type out ‘System.’ For the IDE to recognize what we are referring to and then list out the various options. This finds the netbeans IDE lacking a major feature compared to IDE’s on rival technologies such as Visual Studio .NET. This to my belief leads to a clutter than absolute ease of use as we need to know exact code casing and entire code sequences thus putting a higher level of knowledge in keyword cases. A note for beans developers, when you want to provide code completion as you type as feature, make it a proper complete feature, not put half the functionality in there….

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