Thursday, April 17, 2008


Whenever using any computer program its customization to suit our needs becomes important. Netbeans 6.1 has left no stone unturned to provide an user interactive and fully customizable IDE.

  1. Goto Tools->options
  2. The Editor tab lets you choose Code completion, folding options as you require, but hey check out the code templates. Did you know that just typing psvm and then giving a tab could get you the entire public static void main(String[] args) {} Moreover you can set your own templates to get blocks of code in just few abbreviations. Talk about customizability!!!
  3. The java code tab lets you choose what all indentation you require and what all types of coding hinds the IDE should offer you. The same goes for Ruby.
  4. For people who like to play with the look and feel of the IDE to soothe their tastes, the fonts and colors section lets you customize anything to everything.
  5. People who want to get their work done faster always use shortcuts and guess what the keymap section allows you to set the keyboard shortcuts down to the last action the IDE can perform.
  6. For people who really have problems getting their netbeans to handle C/C++ this is the section they should check out. If your compiler is not listed, First add it to the path list and then select the compiler. And one note the netbeans IDE doesn’t seem to support the TC compiler, it has compatibility only with the G++.


muthu said...

Your tutorial is useful.How to store and retreive data from database in mobile application.

Thanks in advance

steffie said...

hello sir,your tutorial is too gud.. I need your help,pls guide me in doin my project. Am actually working on ranking the websites in google search.i worked on how to retrieve the web search using j2me in netbeans and nw i would lyk 2 seek your help as to how 2 bring a pop up menu for each website in the web search as the user scrolls through the list of all the websites.

Kiran Bhat said...

@steffie maybe this stackoverflow answer might help