Friday, August 8, 2008

The ugly side

Guess what, Netbeans doesn't live up to its tagline of being the only IDE you need when you get into serious development work with this IDE especially in terms of Enterprise Development. Here are a few major problems that i've come across with this IDE that has forced me to end my journey and switch to another better IDE.

1. Ever tried to integrate off some other interpreted code(.class). from another project onto your working project. Don't tell me you can do it, because i know you would be bluffing, as that is one among the major drawbacks of netbeans.

2. has more to offer in . They started with this idea, and don’t have to follow it ( is still in early stage). It’s amusing to read from the people what it already offers and that you can write as easy. But, have a look at the tutorials. It’s not the same quality offers to concentrate on the “business logic”.

3.Installation: Eclipse comes as a simple zip file which need to be unzipped. That’s it you are ready to use the IDE. NetBeans comes as an exe and during the installation time it asks for the JDK location. Some how i did not like this as it could have automatically taken from system settings as eclipse does.

4.Refactoring: Basic refactoring techniques are present in both the IDEs. But Eclipse does have advanced refactoring functions. e.g. when extracting a method, eclipse does show how the method looks like. Some time it also suggests the input parameters for a method.

5.Search System: For sure Eclipse does have a advanced search system. NetBeans have a file level an project level search and replace system. But Eclipse definitely have more than that. Eclipse has File Search, Java Search and Plugin Search. And i personally use these a lot and definately miss them in Net beans.


Jayanth R Rai said...

Hi Kiran

Hv u brought this to the notice of the SUN CA?

Kiran Bhat said...


I've notified this on the Sun Developer Network